Jeff Dent – guitars

jeff dent

Rhythm guitar without equal and a great lead guitar when it’s
called for. With so much competition for the lead from the melody instruments
Jeff doesn’t often get a look in – but it’s worth the wait!

Rob Gifford -- drums

rob gifford

A.k.a. “Drum Bloke”. A seasoned professional of many years standing 
who’s shared the stage with many leading bands icluding Stomp,Chalktown and
Gas Mark 5. It’s been our turn for a while now and we’re pleased to have him.

Ian Dedic -- melodeons

Ian playing

A fabulous melodeon player and occasional baritone saxophonist.
His abilities on the box are legendary amongst dancers on the English folk scene, 
seeming to lift dancers bodily off the floor (great after a few pints!).

Hilda Dedic -- saxophones

hilda playing

Our one-woman horn section spans the entire range, fromresonant baritone to 
screaming sopranino and everything in between. Magnificent harmonies and prominent 
counter-melodies abound.She also plays concertina (Mainly for morris).

Tony Penneck -- bass guitars

tony penneck

Our token Granddad, Tone has been and done it all – or so he says.
Who are we to disagree with tall and talented Tone? Listen out for some fabulous bass lines.

Diane Moody -- five-string fiddle

diane playing

A founding member of the band and acting conductress , Diane knows just what
is needed in a fiddle line. Originator of many great harmony and accompanying
lines using traditional fiddle sounds.

Penny Gillett -- violins and mandolin

penny playing

Penny is just your average fiddle & mandolin playing, morris dancing mother of two..
only she also likes riding hot pink motorcycles round Nurbergring. She does the gypsy
violin parts and can usually manage sultry with a short run-up.

Gordon Potts -- guitars and Jew’s harp

gordon potts

His many talents are the stuff of legend. Within the band he is valued as much for his jew’s harp and
maraca lines as for his jangly guitar.He also acts as a caller for us (and many other bands) on occasion

M-J Searle -- recorders, fiddle, pipe & tabor

mj playing

Renowned for her ability to make a cheap plastic recorder sound like an expensive wooden one,
M-J’s contribution to the band extends beyond her consummate performing abilities
to her vast repertoire of traditional tunes. In recent times, when finding the cupboard bare, she has written
a few crackers to fill in the gaps.

Sam Skey -- sound tech

sam skey

New Dad, Sam, lends his necessary expertise to us when he can be spared from Glastonbury 
et al. He works a minor miracle in presenting us audibly to our audiences 
– no mean feat when collectively we play over twenty different instruments
(not including 2 drum kits and occasional guest trombones…)!

Jay Gifford -- drums 

jay playing

A.k.a "Drum Bloke 2".  New kid on the block, Jay, is a real find. He shows the same flair and expertise 
as his uncle (Rob) … and is easy on the eye to boot! (Though he's incognito in this photo) 
When the drum blokes combine forces they are a force to be reckoned with.

Nick Walden -- caller

nick playing

Witty, erudite, elegant… it’s hard to find the vocabulary to adequately describe Nick! 
A recent career shift has meant that sound checks are more likely to be paperback
than paper -based. Much loved for his wittering, he is popular with the band and dancers alike
 and he's a really good caller as well!